Family with 30 months old Son

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Family with 30 months old Son

When the child is young, we recommend to take photos in the morning time when it’s not too hot for the child.

We started at 8:30 am, picked-up from Katathani Resort head to Karon Beach. And it went so well. Luckily, the child didn’t feel tired much, and he was very well concentrated at the shooting as it was more like having a really fun time with mom and dad on the beach!

The whole family members were so happy during the shooting time, and the parents were very satisfied with the outcome! Memorable photos of the family!

Thanks to share your moments with us indeed. When you are fun, we are also fun. And it makes us happy to work.

TypeFamily Portrait
ClientSoohyeon Kim & Donghee Kim
Child30 months old Son
PlaceKaron Beach
Date4 May 2019